Watch: Promo Trailer for Metrograph’s “25Y2K” Screening Series “Y2K Bug”

Watch: Promo Trailer for Metrograph’s “25Y2K” Screening Series “Y2K Bug”

by Alex Billington
November 20, 2023
Source: Youtube

“This is your life! Here, now!” New York’s famous arthouse cinema called Metrograph introduced a new film screening series called 25Y2K. They take inspiration from Crtierion Channel’s brilliant collections, presenting a thematic selection of iconic films to be presented in a special package. This time they look back Year 2000, and the “Millennium Bug”, and how it affected cinema. “A computer glitch that was supposed to drown the world in darkness was on everyone’s lips, the air thick with anticipation of the apocalypse. Has this anxiety permeated some of the best films?” Certainly. They show classics like Fight Club, Pi, The Truman Show, American Psycho, Strange Days, Audition, Being John Malkovich, Vanilla Sky, American Beauty, and others. To promote the series, Metrograph made a quick trailer featuring Fatboy Slim’s “Right Here, Right Now” which samples a line from the film. Strange days.

Here is the official trailer for Metrograph’s 25Y2K series of screenings, directly from YouTube:

25Y2K Projection Series

Metrograph Introduction: “As the 20th century drew to a close, the words “millennium bug“—a computer glitch meant to drown the world in darkness—was on everyone’s lips, the air saturated with anticipation of the apocalypse. Did this concern permeate some of the finest films released at the end of the century, by exemplary artists like David Cronenberg, Tsai Ming-liang and Michael Mann / Michael Haneke? Maybe… but what’s certain is that the moment brought a bumper crop of cinematic excellence to the screen, and after 25 years, we’re bringing back some of our favorites, films including the paranoia of the ending of times has no expiration date. ” Metrograph is located at 7 Ludlow Street (see Google Maps) in the Chinatown district of New York. For more information on films/screenings, visit the Metrograph website. Not everything will be shown in theaters, the rest of the selection will be available for streaming via their “At Home Service. Do you want to watch all this?


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