Watch: Delightful 3-Minute Short Film “Citizen Tourist” Shows Us Who We Are

Watch: Delightful 3-Minute Short Film “Citizen Tourist” Shows Us Who We Are

by Alex Billington
November 15, 2023
Source: Vimeo

“Fortunately, not all tourists are so discerning… Some of them realize that being an honorable tourist may require little effort, money or disruption.” This fun 3 minute short film is fantastic! Citizen tourist is a short film creation from the design house based in Porto, Portugal Studio FAVO and it’s simply delicious. Take a few moments to enjoy it and pass it on to others. The theme of tourism glut is “explored in a whimsical way, highlighting a (global) industry that profoundly shapes entire cities and cultures… We try to encourage people to find the joy of adventure properly. on their doorstep”, they explain. It takes us on a rapid journey through modern tourism, including its many bad sides. Favo reminds us of Proust’s quote: “The true journey of discovery does not consist in seeking new landscapes, but to have new eyes.” As an avid traveler, I love it! It’s short and sweet, and hits all the right notes. Click play.

Citizen tourist short film

Thanks to Vimeo Staff Picks for the tip on this one. Brief introduction to the Vimeo concept: “With the rise of global tourism, short films Citizen tourist attempts to consider the tourist as a species with exotic and particular characteristics, inviting us to look at ourselves and our group behaviors when we fulfill this role. Citizen tourist is an animated short film directed by Portuguese filmmaker Gustavo Carreiro – you can see more of his work on his own official website or follow him on IG @gustavo__carreiro. The concept and screenplay are by Gustavo Carreiro and Hugo Raposo. It is created by animation/illustration design house Studio FAVO based in Porto, Portugal – check out their official website. Produced by Hugo Raposo. With animation work by Élio Mateus, Maria Pasqualino, Gustavo Carreiro. Music and sound design by Carlos Geraldes. For more information on the film, visit the Vimeo or Favo page. To watch more short films, click here. Are you a good tourist?


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