US Navy plane with nine runway overruns on board lands in ocean

Screenshot of the viral video.

Overshooting a Hawaiian airstrip, a massive military intelligence plane plunged into the ocean.

On Monday afternoon, a US Navy P-8A aircraft attempted to land on a US Marine base 10 miles from Honolulu, but was unsuccessful.

After crashing into the sea during the rainy season, nine of the passengers were forced to swim back to shore. They were all unhurt.

As rescuers rushed to help, photos showed the massive plane floating just off the coast in Kaneohe Bay.

Its intact fuselage suggested that it had crashed into the sea at low speed. It was a Poseidon reconnaissance plane tasked with intelligence gathering, according to Gunnery Sgt. Orlando Perez.

According to Peter Forman, bad weather and winds in Kona may have had some influence, as the Kaneohe track is shorter than usual.

He told Hawaii News Now, “It’s likely the pilot did not land the plane precisely where he wanted on the runway.” »

“It’s most likely the result of all of these things combined.”

According to KITV, the Honolulu Fire Department (HFD) issued the first alert for a “possible plane fire” shortly after 2 p.m.

Many parts of the Boeing-built P-8A are shared with commercial 737 aircraft.

More than 25,000 Marines, sailors, their family members and civilian workers live on the base.

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