Twisted Fairy Tale Trailer for ‘Cinderella’s Revenge’ Horror Remix

Twisted Fairy Tale Trailer for ‘Cinderella’s Revenge’ Horror Remix

by Alex Billington
February 13, 2024
Source: Youtube

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“These three are pure evil!” “I want them to suffer as much as I do…” Quiver Distr. has revealed an official trailer for an indie horror remix titled Cinderella’s Revenge, another one of those “what if we took a Disney character and turned it into a bad horror movie” concepts. It’s scheduled for release in April if anyone wants to watch it. “Carrie meets Cinderella.” Cinderella will go through hell and no one will get out of it easily. Cinderella’s evil stepsisters and stepmother push her too far, leading her to trade in her glass slippers to pursue bloody revenge with the help of her fairy godmother. Featured Lauren Staerck like Cinderella, Natasha Henstridge, Stephanie Lodge, Beatrice Fletcher, Megan Purvis & Darrell Griggs. So they turned Cinderella into a revenge horror slasher? This sounds as bad as it sounds, but that’s why it could be entertaining?

Here is the official trailer (+ poster) for Andy Edwards Cinderella’s Revengedirectly from YouTube:

Cinderella's Revenge Poster

Cinderella (played by English actor Lauren Staerck) is pushed too far by her evil stepsisters and stepmother, leading her to change her glass shoes and use the help of her fairy godmother to get revenge bloody. Cinderella’s Revenge is directed by B-movie genre filmmaker Andy Edwardsmovie director Spring Breakers Zombies, Graphic desires, midnight peepshowAnd Punch previously, as well as many other short films. The screenplay is written by Tom Jolliffe (The Area 51 Incident, Firenado, War of the Worlds: Attack, Viking: Battle of the Heirs, Sky Monster). It is produced by Mark L. Lester and Jessica Mathis. As far as we know, this hasn’t premiered at any festivals or anywhere else. Quiver will debut Cinderella’s Revenge in certain American cinemas + on VOD from April 26, 2024 this spring. Is anyone interested in this?


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