The World Ends With You fan artist shows what Neku could look like in an HD remake

The world ends with you fan artist @caehum on Twitter showed what Neku would look like in an HD remake or possibly Kingdom Hearts 4 thanks to impeccable 3D rendering. Since posting on Monday, it has received more than 2,500 likes.

The 3D model looks like it came straight out of a modern model. Hearts of the Kingdom game, and contains many details around the face and the strange jacket that Neku wears. The more realistic version of Neku is quite different from the newer game. NEO: The world ends with you, which instead adopts a graphic novel art style.

The world remade with you

It would be cool to see a realistic version of the original DS game through a remake in the future. It was re-released on Switch with a Final remix version, however, to mixed results.

Final remix“Microsoft’s failure to utilize the full extent of the Switch hardware shows a lack of understanding of why so many people consider the Nintendo DS original to be the masterpiece that it is,” said our review.

Neku should appear in Kingdom Hearts 4 by some fans. In Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, Neku and Sora promise to meet in Shibuya. After the events of KH3, Sora actually finds himself in an area inspired by the real place. We might see Neku in a model like this, in an official capacity.

If you don’t know where Neku comes from, he’s the main character of a cult classic JRPG called The world ends with you. It is one of the highest rated DS games with a Metacritic score of 88. There was later a sequel titled NEO: The world ends with you featuring a new character named Rindo.

NEO: The world ends with you is a sequel worth the wait,” said our 8/10 reviewer. β€œIt brings together many of the best concepts from the original DS, but in a more approachable and approachable experience.”

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