The Umbrella Academy reveals the teaser for the fourth and final season

Umbrella Academy is returning for one final season, and Netflix just released a very non-specific teaser featuring its main cast. Netflix also debuted an official poster for the season, featuring map-style artwork of the network and the tagline “the final timeline.”

The teaser shows the cast behind the scenes, including shots of a large table read. While the cast is asked what fans can expect from the new season, don’t expect any solid details about the finale’s plot or storyline. As Five actor Aidan Gallagher says, “They can expect us in the marketing material to try to dance, to excite people without saying anything new.”

Perhaps the strongest hint we have for the new season is Emmy Raver-Lampman, who plays Allison Hargreeves, promising that “incredible new characters” will join the show’s already large cast, which includes new villains.

The new poster also gives just a little hint about the final season’s plot, with a tagline calling it “the final timeline.” The poster shows the messy timeline of The Umbrella Academy plotted out as a network map, with the events of the previous three seasons as highlights.

Previous seasons of The Umbrella Academy were disrupted by mind-blowing time travel and multiple timelines, with the season 3 finale ending with the Hargreeves family landing in a new version of Earth unlike anything they’ve seen before. that they have seen so far. It will be interesting to see how the final season concludes its various complex plot threads and resolves the stories of its expanded cast.

Season 4 of Umbrella Academy will arrive sometime in 2024.

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