“The Tiger franchise will always make my filmography shine”

One of the biggest superstars of Hindi cinema, Salman Khan, is happy to write another success story with Tiger 3! YRF film Spy Universe is expected to gross Rs 400 crore worldwide and record the biggest Diwali hit ever in the history of Hindi cinema!

Salman Khan says: “Three Tiger films, three successes. The Tiger franchise is very close to my heart, and I am happy that it has found its place in the hearts of the audience as well. The Tiger franchise is one of my most beloved and is undoubtedly a legacy brand that will always make my filmography shine.

Little did he expect that his first film Tiger would pave the way for not only a successful Tiger franchise but also create the springboard for the legendary YRF spy universe which delivered nothing but hits!

Salman says: “When I was doing The one who tigerI didn’t know we would get a sequel, let’s forget the fact that we now have a trio in Tiger 3! It is now a full-fledged franchise that has been entertaining audiences around the world since 2012. The proof of the success of any film or franchise lies in the success story it scripts.

He adds, “I think the Tiger franchise gave the audience a desi spy like no other on whom people poured a lot of love. I lived and breathed Tiger and thank everyone for their warmth and appreciation towards me and the films.

Produced by Aditya Chopra and directed by Maneesh Sharma, Tiger 3 works successfully in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

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