The Samsung Galaxy A54 costs $324.99 for Black Friday but you shouldn’t buy it

Samsung’s Galaxy A54 is now on offer through Amazon, as part of a Black Friday deal, for just $324.99. At first glance, this might seem like a good deal – after all, the phone is apparently 28% off, according to the retailer (down from its rumored retail price of $449.99).

But wait. At Best Buy, you can buy the recently released Galaxy S23 FE for just $399.99, also for Black Friday. Of course, you pay $75 more, and for some, that can be a lot – but if for you that’s not the case, then we think this is the way to go.

The S23 FE is a much better phone than the A54 in every way, and it’s still a Samsung – so you get the same software and sales support, all that. But you also get no more phone bang for your buck, and even though it’s the more expensive of the two, the S23 FE undoubtedly represents better value for money.

So you’ve been warned – unless you literally have between $324.99 and $399.98 in your pocket (and if that’s the case – why are you buying a phone? Feed yourself first! ), we don’t think the A54 is worth it. such a small price difference between this and the S23 FE.

If you want to compare their specs side by side, here you go. You’ll thank us later.

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