The next Subnautica game will apparently take you to 2025

It appears next Subnautical the game dives deep into early 2025. It’s been about two years since fans dove into the cold waters of the series, and it feels like it’s almost time to put that wetsuit back on. And then getting eaten by a Reaper Leviathan.

As spotted by RPS, the game’s potential launch window comes from a recent financial report from publisher Krafton. Details are scarce and will continue to be scarce until the company is ready to announce the game itself. It is currently unknown whether the next Subnautical in 2025 is expected to be a spin-off or sequel, but judging by development time, it will likely be the latter. Of course, this is just speculation. But isn’t that fun to imagine?

Yeah Ill take it back Image via Unknown Worlds Entertainment

The following Subnautical a game that should terrify in 2025

The following Subnautical has been in the works for some time now. We last heard about it in April 2022, when developer Unknown Worlds announced a senior narrative designer position on Twitter. Since then, fans of its underwater horror themes have been waiting to hear more. If the game is scheduled for release in the first half of 2025, I wouldn’t expect to see a reveal until next year’s Summer Game Fest at very the earlier. This should at least be a good addition to a list of predictions.

As RPS noted, the financial report covered some future Krafton projects. Gold Rush Project is an “Action-Adventure sandbox” which should be launched in the first half of 2025, a bit like the new Subnautical. The publisher also listed a Dark and darker mobile game, inZOI projectAnd Black Budget Project all under development for 2024.

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