The new League Of Legends champion is an emo artist

Riot has revealed the next champion that will be added to the extensive League of Legends roster: Hwei, the Visionary. The new champion is a mid lane mage with an intricate paint-themed kit and a moody emo design.

In the story, Hwei is an Ionian champion who uses art to both confront criminals and comfort their victims. He is haunted by his own boundless creativity and troubled past, which would explain his brooding design. Unsurprisingly, Hwei also has a history with one of League of Legends’ most art-obsessed champions, Jhin.

Gameplay-wise, Hwei has a complicated kit that will appeal more to high-level players than casual fans. With three different spell books to choose from, representing a total of 10 unique spells that can be cast, Hwei’s abilities have been compared to the famously complicated sniper Aphelios’ kit.

Hwei has three spell books to choose from: Disaster, which is primarily for dealing damage, Serenity, which has support and healing abilities, and Torment, which provides crowd control abilities. Hwei’s ultimate is called Spiraling Despair, which can attach to an enemy champion to create an AOE zone of despair, slowing and dealing magic damage to enemies caught in the zone.

Part of patch 13.24, which is now available on the PBE for testing, Hwei’s first available skin will be part of the seasonal Winterblessed skin lineup.

Hwei was revealed during the 2023 League of Legends World Finals, which saw Korean T1 defeat Weibo Gaming 3-0 to win the team’s fourth world championship title.

In other League of Legends news, the popular Netflix show Arcane, based on the League of Legends universe and history, has just revealed that its second season will arrive in 2024.

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