The Galaxy A55’s loading speed might disenchant some (but a possible AMD GPU should balance things out)

Let’s start with the dark news, so we can end on a light tone when talking about the upcoming Galaxy A55.

A new report, courtesy of SamMobile, says the successor to the popular Galaxy A54 won’t impress or improve in terms of charging speeds. By the way, the Galaxy A55 will be Samsung’s next gifted mid-ranger, as the Korean giant has quietly decided to discontinue its Galaxy A7x line, given that no rumors about the Galaxy A74 have occurred on last year.

So, the Galaxy A55 and its 3C certification revealed that the upcoming device will support 25W fast charging (the same as the Galaxy A54 is capable of) and will be sold without a charging brick in the box.

As with other technical specifications, so far nothing has been confirmed (or denied). Insiders expect the Galaxy A55 to feature a 5,000mAh battery (again, just like the one in the Galaxy A54). We also talked about the camera. The Galaxy A55 will likely feature a 50 MP main camera, much like that of the Galaxy A54. It’s unclear if it will be exactly the same, or if there will be one or two modifications to better market the device.

Let’s move on to the GPU

It is hinted that the Galaxy A55 will have the Exynos 1480 chipset under the hood. This Exynos 1480 would bring for the first time a GPU developed in partnership with AMD to the mid-range segment. The Galaxy A55 will have an Xclipse 530 GPU. Although this GPU is based on the older AMD RDNA2 graphics architecture (from the Galaxy S22 series), it should be significantly better than the Mali GPU in the Galaxy A54.

Don’t bet, but we can expect a probable reveal in March 2024.

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