The Complete Edition Brings Back the Adventures

Two dungeon crawlers are set to return to adventurers everywhere with the announcement of Hero Class 1 and 2: Complete Edition for PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC.

The collection includes Hero Class: Anniversary Edition And Hero Class 2G: Remastered. Both will be available together on consoles and sold separately on Steam. There’s no release date in place, but PQube has them scheduled for an early 2024 launch. You can see what the updated RPGs look like today in the trailer.

Developer Zero Div’s series opened its doors to students when the original game Hero class was released for the PSP in Japan in 2008. A North American release followed in 2009, which was also when the sequel launched in Japan. THE Anniversary edition The version of the first game debuted on Switch in Japan in 2018, adding an outfit change room, difficulty options, and more.

2G Hero Class introduced new features when it arrived on PlayStation 3 in 2010. Additional party members, new dungeons, and full voiceovers joined the mix, giving players more reasons to come back to work. With both games combined, there are over 175 dungeons to go through, so now is a good time to invest in some knee and elbow pads if you plan to run through them all.

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