The Boys star has hilarious and graphic reaction to performing his own stunts on Generation V

Homelander’s appearance on The Boys may have been an incredible moment for the series, but actor Antony Starr has revealed that filming was a bit of a nightmare due to a particularly hairy stunt.

In new footage released by Culture Crave on X (formerly Twitter), Starr is shown being leveraged for a stunt where Homelander makes a dramatic entrance onto the God U campus. for the flight scene, the New Zealand actor lets loose with a handful of choice profanities.

In another tweet, Culture Crave Quotes Starr explains how much he regretted agreeing to do this stunt. “It’s the face of a man who goes way too high in the sky and really wishes he would say ‘a stuntman can do it,'” he said. “Really, I don’t know how I didn’t pee in the suit. Or worse.”

Starr also shared some behind-the-scenes photos from filming the season finale on her Instagram, with the caption: “Face of regret. The place I went that caused the regret…high…. The boss that also regretted having put his actor in this position. high.” Despite the stunt, the actor says he “had a great time on Gen V with the young people.”

The Amazon Prime franchise will continue with a fourth season of The Boys next year, with the series likely showing some fallout from the events of Generation V. A second season of Generation V has also been greenlit, although it won’t has no exit. window again.

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