The best romance movies on Netflix right now

True romance is hard to find in real life. But it’s still easy to find romance movies on Netflix. Other genres may not get enough attention, but Netflix has one of the largest selections of romantic dramas, romantic comedies, and everything in between, even before you factor in large library of original films made by Netflix itself. The reason is simple: Netflix knows that romance films are what the vast majority of its subscribers want to see.

This month is a bit light when it comes to newly added romantic dramas. Fortunately, comedies like The wedding of my best friend, 13 In progress 30, Love at first sightand a choice adapted to the season: The Christmas Diary. But if you really need a touch of drama, we still highly recommend Silver Linings Playbook. For these movies and more, keep reading our roundup of the best romance movies on Netflix right now.

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