The Ayaneo Slide, a full-keyboard gaming handheld, is now available for purchase

What do you want to know

  • AYANEO is a technology company that produces gaming handhelds.
  • Starting today, the new AYANEO Slide, a device with a full keyboard, is available for purchase.
  • There are several different configurations of the AYANEO Slide to choose from and it is available in black or white.

AYANEO has been on a roll this year releasing new gaming handhelds or announcing ones coming in the near future. Today, the company revealed that its AYANEO Slide – a gaming handheld with a built-in keyboard and slide-out screen – is now available for purchase.

The device comes in black or white and features the titular sliding screen that covers the keyboard when it’s in its default position or slides up to make the entire keyboard accessible. It’s also worth noting that the AYANEO Slide runs Windows 11, so it’s not too surprising to see the full keyboard feature a Windows button and arrow keys. These buttons will certainly make entering data into certain game menus or browsing the web easier.

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