TGL: start of Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy golf project delayed

Serena and Venus Williams, Stephen Curry and Liverpool owners Fenway Sports Group are among TGL’s backers.

The launch of Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy’s virtual golf competition has been pushed back a year to early 2025 after its Florida facilities suffered damage.

The TGL, an indoor “high-tech league,” was scheduled to begin on January 9, 2024.

But those plans were delayed after a power outage caused the inflatable dome roof of the SoFi Center in Palm Beach Gardens to collapse.

No injuries were reported at the facility, which covers approximately 250,000 square feet.

“This decision came after reviewing short-term solutions, potential construction timelines, player schedules and the prime-time sports television schedule,” TGL said in a statement.

“Despite this new timeline for the venue, we remain excited about the future of TGL and will continue to build excitement between now and the start of the season with our players, fans and teams.”

Fifteen of the current top 20 players in the world are among the 24 PGA Tour players to have signed for the inaugural season.

Six teams of four players are expected to compete in the TGL. They are Los Angeles Golf Club, Atlanta Drive Golf Club, Boston Common Golf, Jupiter Links Golf Club, TGL New York and TGL San Francisco.

Woods is expected to compete for Jupiter Links, while McIlroy will play for Boston Common.

The Sofi Center is expected to host each event, which will last approximately two hours and be broadcast live in the United States with all players wearing microphones.

Woods, a 15-time major winner, said: “Although the events of the past week will force us to adjust our timelines, I have full confidence that this concept will be brought to fruition by our committed great players.”

McIlroy said: “There are mixed feelings of disappointment and excitement about the postponement.

“We are especially happy that no one was injured,” he added.

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