Testing the best robot vacuum cleaners for pet hair in 2023: iRobot and Shark options to take advantage of Black Friday

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Roborock recently updated its popular S7 robot vacuum line with the S8, and after testing the new S8+ hybrid vacuum and mop, we can definitely recommend it to pet parents. An extra-large dust bin can handle pet hair, dust, and debris for 60 days or more, and the vibrating mop does much more than dragging a damp cloth across your floors (although the spot cleaning mode leaves a lot to be desired). . If you want a robot vacuum that can fully clean carpets And a hard floor, then you will be happy with the S8+.

You might be less happy with the price: $999.99. You can usually find a coupon that drops the price to around $800, but it’s still an expensive product. Despite everything, this vacuum cleaner justifies its cost by making it much easier to clean up after your pets. It’s so satisfying to hear the extra suction kick in when the S8+ rolls over a carpeted area, and with this floor sensing, you don’t have to worry about accidentally wiping down your new carpet.

The S8+ also creates a very accurate map thanks to built-in LiDAR and smart mapping, although it can struggle when it encounters a misplaced charging cable.

Who is he talking to :

Unless your house was last renovated in the early 90s, we assume it doesn’t have carpet. Most homes and apartments have a mix of hardwood (or, more likely, laminate), tile, carpet, and area rugs. No matter what combination of flooring you have, Roborock’s new S8+ can detect, mop, and clean as needed.

If you want the best robot vacuum and mop for pet hair, then this new hybrid delivers.

Read our full Roborock S8+ review.

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