Ted Lasso Season 4 Speculation Renewed by Actor Nate in New Post


  • Ted Lasso Star Nick Mohammed sparks speculation about Season 4 by referencing a past spoiler and telling fans to wait for future news.
  • Uncertainty surrounding Ted Lasso season 4 is due to a lack of official announcements from the cast, crew and Apple TV+.
  • Many have speculated that the series could continue, but without its titular star.



Ted Lasso Star Nick Mohammed renews his speculation about the future status of the series, teasing season 4. When Ted Lasso season 3 ended earlier this year, the Apple TV+ sports comedy offered a sense of finality. The titular Ted (Jason Sudeikis) said goodbye to AFC Richmond and a montage showed what the lives of the show’s characters were like in a flash. There have also been several indications that Ted Lasso could however potentially continue without Sudeikis in the main cast.

Mohammedwho plays Nate Shelly, offered further speculation about the status of Ted Lasso season 4.

In the tweet above, the two-time Emmy nominee references the fact that he accidentally ruined a Ted Lasso plot point in the past. He could be hinting that he is spoiling the season 4 renewal., Also. The tweet reads: “One year to the day since the end of #TedLasso. And one year to the day since I accidentally posted this Nate spoiler in the AFC Richmond kit! I promise, this won’t happen again in season 4 – now wait.

Is Ted Lasso season 4 happening?

Jamie Tartt showing a shocked Roy Kent at a Ted Lasso press conference

The continuing uncertainty regarding Ted Lasso season 4 stems from the lack of an official, unified response from the cast, crew, Apple TV, or the production companies helping to make the series. Typically, with a successful series, such as the sports comedy-drama, there will be an effort to promote its final season before its debut, as this usually generates a boost in viewership and awards. If Ted Lasso season 3 is really the last, it’s unusual that it hasn’t been explicitly announced this way and that those involved with the show can’t speak with much clarity about its future.

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It appears Apple TV+ is still ironing out the details of the series’ future, based on what journalists and analysts shared. A huge sticking point is probably how the Emmy-winning comedy can continue without its main character. Sudeikis said that Ted Lasso is over, but also noted that the crew could still continue without him. The actor’s background is very much in line with that of the football coach he plays, in that it was difficult for Sudeikis to film on location, away from his family.

This could mean that season 4 will happen without its co-creator and headlining star. This fits with how, at times, the series seemed to be setting up ground for potential spinoffs centered on the big Ted Lasso together. With the writers’ and actors’ strikes officially over, we’ll soon learn more about what’s in store for Apple’s biggest TV hit.

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