Steam now lets you know if games support PlayStation DualSense or DualShock controllers

Valve has released a new Steam update that makes it even easier to discover games supported by different controllers.

While it used to be easy to find Steam games that supported Xbox controllers, Valve has now leveraged this feature to make it easier to find games that support both the DualSense and its predecessor, the DualShock.

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As part of an improved controller-friendly hub, Steam users can explore games by controller type when browsing the extensive library. It will “default” be the controller that any given user has most recently played with, but there is also the option to adjust filters.

“These improvements add better options for sorting and filtering areas of the Steam store, seeing clear compatibility information on each store’s pages, and determining whether the games in its library will work well with the controller in your hands,” explained Valve.

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You can read the full Steam patch notes below:

  • Store: Updated display of supported controllers to separate DualSense, DualShock, and Xbox controllers separately
  • Store: Updated search filters to include more device types to filter results by
  • Store: Updated the Controller Friendly hub to include filters for device type and device-specific most played/new and trending results.
  • Store: Added “Recommended Controller” display when a developer suggests their game is better with a controller
  • Store: Updated store page reviews for games that require a controller or VR to play, as well as store page reviews for games that support VR modes and not VR.
  • Steam Input: Implemented a new default mode for PS controllers in which Steam input will be enabled only in games without their own support for the device.
  • Library: Added a section to the Library game pages to describe the level of controller support. This only appears if Steam can tell you have a controller currently connected
  • Library: Enabled the controller settings button to always appear next to the settings button for individual games.
  • Library: Updated the controller configurator screen to also describe all of the popular devices supported by the game while showing the currently connected device.
  • Library: Added a yellow notice to Steam Library game pages when viewing a game that requires a controller to play
  • Library: Added launch process steps to prompt users to plug in a controller when launching games that require or recommend them
  • Library: Added a launch process step to describe when Steam Input translates button presses from a typically unsupported device.
  • Library: Updated logic and icons indicating controller support for each game in grid mode.

As part of this new blog post, Valve also presented some interesting statistics, explaining why it takes controller support on its platform so seriously.

According to the post, over 3 billion gaming sessions included a controller over the past 12 months. Of that number, 60% were using an Xbox controller, 27% were using a PS model, and the remaining percentage were “Steam Deck, Switch Pro, and hundreds of other controller models.”

Records from that same period ending in November 2019 recorded 990 million controller sessions, showing just how much controller usage has increased since then.

While mouse and keyboard still reign supreme on Steam (poet and didn’t know it), Valve said that about 12% of its active players regularly use a controller. Meanwhile, there are a number of games, such as ball sports titles, that see up to 80% of their playbayer base using a controller, Valve said.

You can learn more about Valve’s latest Steam update here.

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