Steam Deck OLED announced with better screen, better battery life and more

Valve has announced a revamped Steam Deck model with a higher quality screen, better battery life, more storage capacity and much more. The Steam Deck OLED is still considered part of the “first generation” Steam Deck family, so it contains mostly the same internal hardware specs as the LCD model, but it has been improved in almost every other way. The upgraded model is available in two different storage configurations, as well as a special limited edition model. It goes on sale surprisingly soon, with pre-orders starting on November 16.

HDR OLED display

The headline feature is the new HDR OLED display, which Valve is boasting about as the first handheld to sport such a display. Since many games on Steam already have native HDR support, the new model will be able to display them without any additional work or fixes from the developers. The screen is also slightly larger at 7.4″, compared to 7″, due to a smaller bezel, and has a refresh rate of 90Hz, compared to 60Hz. The 1TB and LE models also feature ‘an anti-reflective etched glass finish on the screen.

  • Wide color gamut – 110% P3
  • Pure blacks – million to one contrast ratio
  • Improved and more responsive touchscreen
  • Larger 7.4 inch image (instead of 7 inches due to smaller bezel)
  • 90Hz refresh rate (instead of 60Hz)
  • Maximum brightness of 1,000 nits (instead of 400 nits)
  • Response time <0.1 ms
  • More energy efficient
  • Premium anti-reflective etched glass (1TB and Limited Edition models only)

Better battery life

In addition to the OLED display which promises to be more energy efficient, the new model also sports a larger 50Wh battery, up from 40Wh. This is accompanied by an updated AMD APU which is said to contribute to better battery life. The announcement didn’t give exact specs on the battery life improvement, but with the previous Steam Deck this varied widely depending on the performance requirements of individual games.

Lighter and more portable

The updated Steam Deck is also approximately 5% lighter than the LCD model. Weight varies by configuration, but Valve says it averages around 640 grams, a reduction from the 669-gram LCD model. Its dimensions are 298mm x 117mm x 50mm, just 1mm larger, which Valve attributes to the redesigned controllers.

The 1TB version will also feature a new case with a removable inner shell, giving you more portability options.

Faster downloads

The new model includes other changes under the hood to speed up connectivity and downloads. These include a Wi-Fi 6E module, which means it can use the 6GHz spectrum if you have a supported router. Valve claims this will deliver download speeds 2-3 times faster than the LCD model.

OLED Steam Bridge


Other specifications

Various other aspects of the system have also changed. The aforementioned updated APU is now a 6nm chip and the system will resume gaming “around” 30% faster. The touchscreen should also be more responsive, the speakers can reach higher volumes, and the battery can be charged faster. The system itself should now be easier to disassemble and repair, thanks in part to adjustments to the number and types of screws.

Performance and thermals

  • APU shrinking from 7nm to 6nm for power savings
  • 6400 MT/s memory, improve latency, more power management
  • Improved thermal performance thanks to a larger fan
  • Approximately 30% faster recovery time

Touch screen

  • Significantly improved responsiveness
  • Higher polling rate (180 Hz)
  • Reduced latency, better accuracy and consistency


  • BT 5.3 module with a dedicated antenna for a better experience when using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi simultaneously
  • Better connectivity, especially when connected
  • Now supports more audio codecs like Aptx HD and Aptx Low Latency
  • Supports wake-up via Bluetooth controller


  • Improved and more faithful tactics
  • Redesigned trackpad for improved fidelity and edge detection


  • More powerful speakers with improved bass
  • Built-in mic can now be used simultaneously as a headphone jack


  • 30g, ~5% lighter
  • Improved joystick texture and geometry for greater comfort and control


  • Redesigned power supply with longer cable (2.5 m versus 1.5 m)
  • Faster charging with improved battery chemistry, 20-80% in just 45 minutes
  • WRGB charging LED
Steam Deck OLED Limited Edition
Steam Deck OLED Limited Edition


Models, prices and pre-orders

The Steam Deck OLED is available in three configurations: a 512 GB model, a 1 TB model, and a limited edition model that will only be available in the United States and Canada. The 1TB and Limited Editions feature an etched glass finish on the OLED display. As the name suggests, the limited edition is only produced in limited quantities, but it comes with an exclusive translucent colorway and an exclusive design printed inside the carrying case. Pricing breaks down as follows:

  • 512GB Steam OLED Platform – $549
  • 1TB OLED Steam Deck – $649
  • Limited Edition 1TB Steam Deck – $679

Pre-orders for the Steam Deck OLED begin on November 16 at 10:00 a.m. PT. This will include all three new models, and it looks like they will start shipping immediately. In the meantime, the LCD models have benefited from a price reduction which takes effect immediately:

  • 64GB Steam Deck LCD – $349 ($399)
  • 256GB Steam Deck LCD – $399 ($529)
  • 512GB Steam Deck LCD – $449 ($649)

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