Starfield update adds DLSS support and the ability to eat off the ground

Nearly two weeks after its beta release, the Star Field The DLSS update – dubbed 1.8.86 on Steam – is now available to the general public. Not only should this improve performance, but the update also lets you snatch food off any surface.

You may not have eaten food straight from the ground since you were a toddler, but there’s no judgment for such behavior in space. That is, unless you brought one of those Constellation companions who complain about everything. Wait, no. That is all.

This is part of their charm (?). Screenshot by Destructoid

What the DLSS 1.8.86 update brings Star Field

The particularity of the 1.8.86 update is that it brings Nvidia’s DLSS to Star Field Finally. Bethesda’s big space RPG has been missing useful technology since its launch in September, leaving many PC gamers having to twist knobs and adjust sliders in order to get the game to run relatively well on their platforms. It was a bit random. The update adds support for DLSS as well as DLAA (deep learning antialiasing), Nvidia Reflex Low Latency, and DLSS frame generation.

And you can eat food off the floor like an unhealthy character in a beat ’em up. Indeed, Bethesda is proud to include a highly requested feature that allows you to eat any food found in the environment. Will 76 Chunks Beef satisfy you? Probably not, since the only thing closest to the void that is a Bethesda character’s stomach is a black hole. And food only heals a little Star Field. But sipping alien tea you stepped on during a heated fight with space pirates could save your life.

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The update brings many other changes, including bug fixes. One of the bugs related to the “Eye of the Storm” mission appears to have been fixed and the game has received some visual improvements.

Hopefully this is enough to make some players happy. But it may be too late for some. Star Field dropped sharply in popularity and, for a while, had fewer players than in 2011. Skyrim. The Steam score also started to drop, with the game being rated “Mixed”. We’ll have to wait and see if a more capable model Star Field may start, well, working better soon.

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