Sonja Smits reveals herself in the trailer for the independent comedy “Better Days”

Sonja Smits reveals herself in the trailer for the independent comedy “Better Days”

by Alex Billington
November 21, 2023
Source: Youtube

“Do you think he would like the person you are now… or not?” Gravitas Ventures has released an official trailer for Better days, an independent comedy about grief and self-discovery. This film recently premiered at the Cinéfest Sudbury Film Festival in Canada and is set to debut on VOD in December. Not to be confused with the acclaimed 2019 Chinese film, also titled Better days. After her husband dies, a woman starts doing what she wants and starts wearing her husband’s Halloween costumes. When her children order her to become herself again, she must decide whose happiness matters most in a delicious comedy about starting over and discovering yourself before it’s too late. The movie stars Sonja Smits as Kate in the lead role, with Alix Sideris, Sarah Never, Gregory Calderone, Blair Williams, Dean Armstrong, Sugenja SriAnd Luc François. This sounds like a great story about rejecting old traditions and accepting yourself.

Here is the official trailer (+ poster) by Joan Carr-Wiggin Better daysdirectly from YouTube:

Better Days Poster

After Kate’s husband of over 30 years dies, she retreats into a world of vodka, grief and Halloween costumes. Her husband loved Halloween and Kate comforted herself by wearing her old costumes. When she befriends three lonely teenagers who share her enthusiasm for dressing up, her friends and family are dismayed. Alarmed by her increasing recklessness, they insist that she return to being the woman she was – just as she discovers the woman she could become. Better days are both written and directed by a Canadian independent filmmaker Joan Carr-Wiggindirector of numerous films including Honeymoon, a previous engagement, if I were you, happily ever after, the love of my life, the bet, getting to know you, A great romantic gesture previously. Produced by David Gordian. This was originally shown at the 2023 Cinéfest Sudbury Film Festival in Canada. Gravitas Ventures debuts Better days Direct-to-VOD from December 5, 2023 this autumn.


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