Samsung’s 27-inch 5K monitor is $300 off for Black Friday, making Apple’s Studio Display look stupid

I’m what you might call a “resolution snob” when it comes to displays. The higher the resolution, the better for me. Anything below that “retina” quality, and I’m not interested in that. That’s why when Apple revealed its Studio 5K display for Mac, I was extremely jealous as a PC user. Lucky for me, Samsung stepped in to save the day with its own 5K monitor for the PC space, and now it’s the cheapest ever thanks to Black Friday 2023.

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The perfect monitor for productivity tasks and entertainment activities

The ViewFinity is a perfect fit for any office. (Image credit: Samsung)

As mentioned, the Samsung ViewFinity S9 5K is pretty much the only direct competitor to the Apple Studio Display on the market right now. It features a similar design, built from the same high-quality materials and uses a similar 27-inch 5K 16:9 display panel with a resolution of 218 PPI (pixels per inch).

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