Rowoon’s feelings for Cho Yi-Hyun grow stronger

Starring Rowoon and Cho Yi-Hyun in the lead roles, The matchmaker Episode 7 aired on Monday, November 21, 2023 on KBS. The K-drama revolves around the love story of two widowed matchmakers.

The latest episode featured Sim Jung-Woo (Destined With You’s Rowoon) and Yeo Joo-Daek (Cho Yi-Hyun) taking a big risk to help Lady Ha-Na. Earlier, viewers witnessed the main cast’s growing closeness, but in episode 7, Jung-Woo’s feelings for Joo-Daek became evident.

By seeking her attention and putting his life on the line for her, the widowed prince has now opened his heart for the first time. Meanwhile, Joo-Daek, aka Jung Soon-Deok, tries to suppress his attraction to Jung-Woo.

End of episode 7 of Rowoon’s The Matchmakers: Jung-Woo wants to marry Joo-Daek

Episode 7 of Matchmakers begins with Jung-Woo (Rowoon) discovering the reason for his chest pain. He thinks this happens when he sees a man and a woman getting closer. In reality, the pain comes when witnessing a potential match.

However, he feels better around Joo-Daek (Cho Yi-Hyun). The main duo, along with Inspector Jung Soon-Goo (Huh Nam-Jun), Kim O-Bong (Kim Hyun-Mok), and Maeng Sam-Soon (Jung Bo-Min), come up with a plan to help Lady Ha- N/A. Sam-Soon writes a book revealing the truth behind a murder case that ruined Ha-Na’s image. The culprit was the Minister of Defense.

As the story spreads across the kingdom, Joo-Daek plans to kill the writer in episode 7 of The Matchmakers. For context, Sam-Soon is the writer, but he is disguised as a man. Joo-Daek decides to play the male writer first and asks Soon-Goo to corner her so she can jump into a river. Jung-Woo, worried for Joo-Daek’s safety, takes his place and is about to jump but the Minister of Defense suddenly appears and shoots an arrow.

Injured, Jung-Woo falls into the river and begins to drown when viewers see Joo-Daek swimming towards him. As their hands move closer, Jung-Woo says, “When I think about it now, I think I had already made up my mind then.” I should… marry Yeo Joo-Daek. Episode 7 ends with this swoon-worthy moment.

Viewers can watch episode 7 of The Matchmakers on Viki. New episodes air every Monday and Tuesday on KBS.

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