Ridley Scott Turned Down a Superhero Movie, and Here’s Why

Oscar-nominated director Ridley Scott has revealed he was offered a superhero film but passed on the opportunity. Speaking to Deadline, Scott said he remembers responding, “‘No thanks. Not for me.'” He didn’t specify whether they were Marvel or DC films, however.

Scott, known for films like Gladiator, Alien, Blade Runner and Black Hawk Down, added that he has already directed a few superhero films, at least by his own definition.

“I think Sigourney Weaver is a superhero in Aliens. I think Russell Crowe is a superhero in Gladiator. And Harrison Ford is the super anti-hero in Blade Runner. The difference is that the f** stories king are better.”

Scott went on to say that he wasn’t a fan of the superhero movie genre, but said there had been some good Batman movies, while he was also a fan of the original 1978 Superman.

“There’s this idolization of superheroes, which is really just an extension of comics. And from there it’s very difficult to write a comic book story and make it successful on film,” Scott said. “That said, I’m not a fan of superheroes, although I loved comic books. As we’ve expanded our visual capabilities, I think, oddly enough, everything is becoming less and less real. And now , it seems to be becoming an excuse for actors to make a lot of money playing superheroes.”

Scott’s comments follow those of actor Jeremy Allen White, who recently said he was confused that appearing in a Marvel movie is now considered by some to be the pinnacle of his career. an actor.

Scott has a number of major projects in the works, including Napoleon (November 2), which stars Joaquin Phoenix as the iconic historical leader. He’s also getting back to work on Gladiator 2 now that the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes are complete.

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