Ranking the worst airlines in terms of customer satisfaction

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Finally we come to the budget airlines which, in all honesty, are a little more open about how terrible they are. Like its cheap competitors, Allegiant offers you an incredibly low price that gets you a seat on a plane, period. “We collect $110 from you at the end of your trip,” CEO Maurice J. Gallagher Jr. said plainly in a 2009 interview. “If I tried to charge you $110 up front, you wouldn’t wouldn’t pay. But if I sell you a ticket for $75 and you choose the rest yourself, you will.

Allegiant is also famous for its security issues. A series of surveys conducted in 2016 and 2017 found that Allegiant was up to four times more likely than other airlines to have mechanical problems in flightincluding “in-flight engine failures, cabin smoke and fumes, rapid descents, flight control malfunctions, hydraulic leaks, and aborted takeoffs.”

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