PM Modi reveals he watched Ektaa Kapoor’s popular series, TV Queen says this award is for India

Czarina Ektaa R Kapoor added another prestigious honor to her impressive list of global achievements by receiving the prestigious ‘International Emmy Direction Award’ at the 51st International Emmys in New York, which was presented by the renowned author and leading new age. , Deepak Chopra.

Before Ektaa was invited on stage, an AV was broadcast narrating her inspiring journey. In the clip, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also revealed that Ektaa’s show was not only popular in India but across the world.

After accepting the award, Kapoor gave a heartfelt speech and said, “I would like to thank my mother, with whom I started this business in my father’s garage. Thank you, Thank you India, because in you I find my reflection. You have been pulled, pushed, conquered and ruled, and in finding your freedom, you have found your voice. A few decades later, we are now the fifth largest economy, without needing anyone’s validation. This award is for you, India, and for all Indians here. We are few in number, but we are enough. This is for your India; in your history, I find my stories, in your strength, I find my writing, towards my homeland…”

She also shared a video of the trophy on her official Instagram account and wrote, “India, I’m bringing home YOUR Emmy @iemmys.”

Expressing her gratitude for this milestone, she said, “I am delighted to receive the prestigious Emmys Direction Award! It brings me immense joy and happiness to be honored on a global scale like this.
I have always wanted to tell stories because they give me the chance to be heard, seen and represented. I am grateful for the love of the audience which opened doors for me, allowing me to move from television to the world of cinema and OTT. Each story I told became a bridge to connect with the audience on many levels. The unexpected turns this journey has taken are a testament to the power of love witnessed by the people of India and beyond. My heart is filled with gratitude and a greater determination to make a positive impact through my work with the public.

Ektaa is a woman leading the charge in delivering over 17,000 hours of television content with over 135 television shows and over 50 feature films.

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