Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro users discover strange bumps and bumps under their screens

Once again, Pixel users are taking to Reddit and Google support forums to lodge their complaints regarding the latest phones made by Google, the Pixel 8 and the Pixel 8 Pro. Users are seeing what one Reddit user called “weird bumps/bumps” under their computer screen. Pixel 8. And judging by the number of posts related to this topic, there are quite a few Pixel 8 series owners who see this on their screens.
According to Redditor marlotrot“I recently received my Google Pixel 8 (non-pro) and noticed that under specific lighting conditions, strange bumps are visible under the screen glass. Some look like the screw heads on the card mother which pierce it, others to the screen itself which bends along the glass. the edge (long). Funny enough, I don’t see this often when I use the phone but only when it there is only one light source in the room and looking at that light source using the phone.
The Reddit subscriber not only included a few photos showing the problem, he also uploaded a YouTube video showing the problem with his computer screen. Pixel 8. A Pixel 8 Pro An Australian user posted on Reddit that the affected screens “appear to have bumps, ripples and indented lines in the panel behind the glass screen.” These indents can only be seen at specific angles under the light, so look carefully, but my main concern is the long term potential. damage is developing – and this poor quality control for a high-end phone is unacceptable.
This Reddit user, who goes by the name tadhglewissaid he managed to convince Google to exchange its Pixel 8 Pro for a replacement model, and the same problem was spotted on the new unit he received from Google! His theory is that the internal components are pressing against the screen, which creates this problem.

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If your Pixel 8 Or Pixel 8 Pro The screen has this problem, don’t just ignore it because it’s hard to spot or because it doesn’t ruin the brightness or color accuracy of the screen. If components under the glass hit the screen, this problem could worsen over time. You must contact Google by going to support.google.com/pixelphone/gethelp. Since the phones were released less than two months ago, they are still under warranty.

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