PC Game Pass is getting a mythical city builder at launch

Fantasy city builder Against The Storm will exit Early Access on December 8 and launch simultaneously on PC Game Pass.

In Against The Storm, you will build several settlements in a vast, storm-ravaged wilderness. Each map is generated randomly, across six potential biomes. You can’t rely on the same resources in every city, so you’ll have to build different economies to support each one. If your colonies fail, you will need to start Against The Storm. It may be a roguelike, but it has some meta-progression. You will transfer resources and upgrades from one run to another.

Your towns are populated by a variety of citizens, including foxes, beavers, lizards, humans and harpies. Each group varies according to their needs and skills. You can also sacrifice your villagers to the old gods in order to gain benefits or trade resources with traders to get what you need. To convince your ruler, the Burned Queen, that your colonies can last, you will need to carry out her specific orders.

In the Queen’s Hand mode, which will enter the game at launch, players will only have one “cycle” to complete the game’s biggest challenge: reforging the Adamantine Sigil. You’ll need to be more specific about which upgrades you choose, as you can’t get a full set in this mode. Additionally, meta-progression will be reset upon failure. If you succeed, you will obtain the title Hand of the Queen and gain an audience with the Scorched Queen.

Against The Storm is currently available in Early Access for $29.99 on Steam, GOG, and The Epic Games Store.

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