Oppenheimer, Mean Streets, Saw X and more

The more I think about it, the more I tend to declare Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer” the best film of the year. At the very least, it’s a monumental achievement; a technical marvel that transforms scene after scene of guys sitting in rooms discussing physics into something incredibly exciting. It doesn’t play like a biopic; It’s more like a thriller. Nolan’s stunning film follows J. Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb, as he first helps create the weapon – and then comes to regret it. Played by Cillian Murphy in a performance sure to win awards, Oppenheimer is a haunted figure, his large eyes seeming to see into other planes of existence. He always calculates; always figuring things out. And his insatiable thirst for knowledge will ultimately lead to his downfall, and perhaps the downfall of all humanity. It’s dark, heavy stuff, and yet Nolan and his team are able to move through the film at an almost breakneck speed, conveying tons of information in a succinct, easy-to-digest manner. This film is a knockout, and it may very well be Nolan’s masterpiece.

Special features:


    • NOW I HAVE BECOME DEAD – Cast, crew and producers join Christopher Nolan to share the personal stories that got them excited about the project’s ambitious conception of bridging multiple genres.
    • LIGHTING – OPPENHEIMER The all-star cast explains how they synthesize the script’s dramatic narrative with the real lives of historical figures to embody their complex characters.
    • THE MANHATTAN PROJECT – To visualize Oppenheimer’s ability to see different dimensions and recreate the historic Trinity Test, filmmakers developed unique techniques to create stunning effects without using CGI.
    • THE DEVIL OF DETAILS – A look at how production designer Ruth De Jong and her team recreated the entire town of Los Alamos with period props, spectacular sets and painstaking attention to authenticity.
    • WALK A MILE – Costume and makeup artisans populate OPPENHEIMER immersive environments with iconic characters using thousands of clothing items and cutting-edge prosthetic applications.
    • CAN YOU HEAR MUSIC? – Working closely with Christopher Nolan, Ludwig Göransson composes a deeply personal and historically expansive score ranging from the organic to the extraterrestrial to accompany the visual landscape.
    • WE CAN PERFORM THIS MIRACLE – Christopher Nolan’s closest collaborators demonstrate how his artistic vision creates a camaraderie that pushes his talented team to continue innovating in filmmaking.
  • INNOVATIONS IN CINEMA: 65MM BLACK AND WHITE FILM OPPENHEIMER FotoKem opens the door to its film laboratories, where new technologies are invented to use 65mm color and black and white film to visualize OPPENHEIMER two timelines while pushing the format further.
  • MEET THE PRESS Q&A PANEL: OPPENHEIMER – Chuck Todd moderates a conversation in which Christopher Nolan, author Kai Bird, and physicists Dr. Kip Thorne, Dr. Thom Mason, and Dr. Carlo Rovelli reflect on fascinating science and apocalyptic concerns. OPPENHEIMER illustrated on the screen.
  • TO END ALL WAR: OPPENHEIMER AND THE ATOMIC BOMB – Discover how one man’s relentless determination and invention of the atomic bomb forever changed the nature of war, led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands, and sparked mass hysteria.

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