NYT Connections Today: Answers and Tips for Tuesday, November 21

Connections is the latest puzzle game from The New York Times. The game asks you to sort a group of 16 words into four secret groups (for now) by determining how the words relate to each other. The puzzle resets every night at midnight and each new puzzle has a varying degree of difficulty. Just like WordYou can track your winning streak and compare your scores with your friends.

Some days are trickier than others. If you are having a little trouble solving today’s problem Connections puzzle, check out our tips and tricks below. And if you still can’t figure it out, we’ll give you today’s answers at the very end.

How to play Connections

In Connections, a grid containing 16 words will be displayed. Your goal is to organize these words into four sets of four by identifying the connections between them. These sets could encompass concepts such as video game franchise titles, book series sequels, shades of red, restaurant chain names, etc.

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There are usually words that seem like they could fit multiple themes, but there is only one 100% correct answer. You can shuffle the grid of words and rearrange them to better see potential connections.

Each group is color coded. The yellow group is the easiest to understand, followed by the green, blue and purple groups.

Choose four words and press Submit. If you are correct, all four words will be removed from the grid and the theme that connects them will be revealed. Guess wrong and it will count as a mistake. You only have four mistakes available until the end of the game.

Tips for Today’s Connections

We can help you solve today’s connection by showing you the four themes. If you need more help, we’ll also give you a word from each group below.

Today’s themes

  • Types of teeth
  • Fashionable
  • Dance moves
  • Things that suck

A single answer reveals

  • Tooth Types – Canine
  • Trendy – Chic
  • Dance Moves – Floss
  • Things that suck – Leech
New York Times

Answers to Today’s Connections

Still no luck? It’s OK. This puzzle is designed to be difficult. If you just want to see today’s Connections answer, we have what you need below:

  • Tooth Types – Canine, Fang, Molar, Tusk
  • Fashionable – Chic, Hip, Hot, In
  • Dance Moves – Floss, Robot, Vogue, Worm
  • Things that Suck – Leech, Straw, Vacuum Cleaner, Vampire

Connections grids vary considerably and change daily. If you didn’t manage to solve today’s riddle, don’t forget to come back tomorrow.

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