NightCafe This prompt contains banned words (fixed)

Have you ever come across the NightCafe “This prompt contains prohibited words” error? This article will explain why this happens and how to fix this problem.

If you continue to receive this message, you are using one or more phrases that are blacklisted or the AI ​​is misinterpreting them.

On the one hand, the AI ​​art generator protects the community from unpleasant content. On the other hand, it also restricts your creativity. I’ve encountered this error many times, despite using language that seemed appropriate and intentions pure. Luckily I was able to fix it. Here’s how!

Nightcafe This prompt contains banned words – Workarounds

These three methods helped me get rid of this banned word error on NightCafe:

1. Use synonyms

One of the tricks you can apply to achieve the AI-generated art you expect is to use synonyms of the problem word.

First, you need to identify which word is causing the problem. SO, replace it with an alternative phrase or word to see if that helps. This trick works well for slang words.

2. Paraphrase

In more complex situations, the use of synonyms will not be helpful. In this case, you can play a few tricks by replacing the problem words with other words or by paraphrasing.

For example, I used “Children playing football in a beautiful location; birds that fly; crystal clear water in the river.» But this gave the error of forbidden words. The problem word was children.

Finally I used “Little people playing football in a beautiful place; birds that fly; crystal clear water in the river.“This gave me the expected result which you can see below.

You can play with different words to get the expected image. However, keep in mind that NightCafe often gives this error when the text suggests adult or abusive content.

3. Provide more context

Sometimes adding more context to your prompt can help NightCafe’s AI. understand the intended meaning without misinterpreting it.

When NightCafe indicates that this prompt contains prohibited words, there is little you can do other than apply the techniques described above. Alternatively, if you think something is wrong, find out how to fix NightCafe not working.

You can also check out these best AI art generators for beginners if you are not satisfied with NightCafe.

The methods mentioned above in this article will indeed help to bypass this error. But if you abuse this AI-based art generator, your account could be blocked. You must therefore always respect the rules.

Finally, if you have any tips or tricks, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments below!

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