My favorite new FPS game of 2023 is 36% off right now, and it’ll make you feel like an unstoppable action star

Discounts on games released just a few months ago are often quite rare, but one time of year when this isn’t the case is the Black Friday season. Indeed, it’s now the week of the big day, and we’re starting to see plenty of fantastic deals on some of the best titles of 2023. One of those great deals is Trepang2, a mid-range single-player action FPS. high octane that has quickly become one of my favorite shooters since its release in late June. It’s normally $30, but on PC you can get it for just $19.12 – a whopping 36% off that’s over $10 off. It’s also down to $22.49 on Xbox, so Microsoft console users don’t have to worry about being left out.

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One of the best shooter games I’ve played in years

As a huge fan of the iconic 2005 action-horror FPS, I was excited to see its spiritual successor come in the form of Trepang2 (fun fact: the strange title is actually a codename which the developers stuck with). Like FEAR, it mixes vivid shots, action movie-like slow motion, and bloody ultraviolence with the constant creeping tension and supernatural phenomena you’d expect from a horror title. But Trepang2 goes even harder than Monolith Productions’ classic, and so the intensity is absolutely turned up to 11. And its awesome.

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