Most downloaded RimWorld mods

Strong points

  • EdB Prepare Carefully is a mod that allows players to customize their settlers’ skills and equipment, saving time and adding RPG-like elements.

  • Wall Light mod adds customizable lights to
    allowing players to set the mood and coordinate the colors of their base.

  • The Pick Up And Haul mod improves resource management by allowing settlers to use their inventory while transporting items, increasing carrying capacity and efficiency.

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RimWorld has a lot of depth and is playable without mods for a player’s first few saves. Adding mods to RimWorld opens a can of worms by introducing more complex mechanics, and could lead to mod clutter. Know the most downloaded mods for RimWorld can help new players know which mods work best for the game.


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Many RimWorld mods look fantastic and feel like they belong in the base game due to their polish and handling. However, this list will not feature mods that work on the backend of RimWorld to allow other mods to work.

7 EdB prepares carefully

Current subscribers: 1,436,317

Pawn with selected skills

Pressing the randomize button to find a suitable token is a tedious step in any new save. Players can freely customize their settlers with EdB prepares carefully and save a lot of time. The mod allows players to create their pawns in the same way as an RPG by adding and removing points to skills and choosing a settler’s equipment from the start.


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Prepare Carefully has the option to add point limits to improve pawn skills or turn off the limit to create a super pawn. Players can save their previous presets and quickly load them for an ideal start.

6 Wall light

Current subscribers: 1,175,809

custom rimworld bedroom lighting in chair background

Lighting sets the mood of a base and can help players coordinate the colors of rooms. Wall light adds lights that mount to the wall and work the same as vanilla lights but allow for unique colors. Players can select colors using a color wheel to get their exact color preference.

Wall lights can be deconstructed and turned on and off. This mod also adds a few extra features, such as configurable material costs, the amount of light they produce, indicated illuminated areas, and the optional solar wall light, which can be disabled if desired.

5 Pick up and transport

Current subscribers: 1,096,806

colon pig eating dinner

RimWorld is easily among the most complex resource management games, and moving those resources around is a frequent need. Settlers are notoriously slow at transporting items, but with the help of Collect and transport, they can be a little faster. Settlers will now use their inventory while carrying items to increase their total carrying capacity instead of just using their hands.

The transfer of resources will go more smoothly with this mod and the settlers will make fewer trips to complete the movement of objects. Settlers with items in their inventory will unload at frequent intervals or when idle.

4 Replace items

Current subscribers: 1,087,509

End of the game on the star base slate

Upgrading a base should be something players look forward to, not dread. However, manually replacing walls and floors is a real headache without Replace itemsa mod that introduces a new command to replace walls, floors, improve beds and workbenches.

Once the order is given, a pawn will take care of the entire process and players can use their newfound free time to tackle vital tasks such as preserving valuable foods. The mod adds wall coolers that sit on top of a cooler, eliminating the need to destroy a wall and preserving the aesthetic of the base.

3 Hospitality

Current subscribers: 1,058,027

base with flowerbeds and slate

Interactions with other colonies are generally limited to trade and lack real relationships beyond the exchange of resources. Players can form personal connections with their neighboring settlements through Hospitality and unlock several new engagements.

Hospitality allows players to show off their furniture by welcoming guests and providing them with rooms and fun activities, and they can even help with certain tasks. Invitations can be sent via the communications console. Finally, the mod allows players to recruit visitors to expand their colony.

Current subscribers: 1,003,511

prohibited items fire chaos

Better control of pawns leads to RimWorld become a more immersive simulation game, and Authorize the tool does exactly that. This mod adds a host of new commands, such as mining all ores, harvesting all ripe plants, transporting everything, rearming all traps, and hunting all animals.


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The mod adds the ability to ban and unblock groups of items and order selected items to be transported urgently. Pawns will focus on urgent transport orders and complete them before completing other work. Players no longer need to wait for the whims of pawns to obey transport orders.

1 RimHUD

Current subscribers: 976,103

health and rest mood bar

RimWorld isn’t exactly known for its stunning graphics, and the base game’s UI gets the job done but leaves a lot to be desired. RimHUD thoroughly overhauls the user interface of RimWorld and improves the visual clarity of information while adding more data across many tabs.

RimHUD adds visual warnings if a pawn is about to die to prevent players from suddenly realizing that their favorite pawn is dead while farming. It introduces a floating HUD option that reveals the colonists’ interactions with each other in text bubbles.



October 17, 2018

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