Monsterverse Finally Answers a Titan Mystery After 8 Years (And Debunks the Godzilla Theory at the Same Time)


  • Episode 2 of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters features the surprise debut of a new Titan dragon, creating a major villain for humans and perhaps Godzilla to defeat.
  • The existence of the new Titan was hinted at eight years ago in Kong: Skull Island, debunking the theory that Godzilla was responsible for the sinking of the USS Lawton.
  • The Monsterverse is full of Sea Titans, making it more likely that a different Titan, rather than Godzilla, was behind the destruction of Randa’s submarine during World War II.



Warning: spoilers for Monarch: Legacy of Monsters episodes 1 and 2

The great Titan revealed in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters episode 2 answers a mystery from the Monsterverse and debunks an old theory about Godzilla. The second episode of Apple TV+’s Godzilla show ended with the surprise debut of a new Monsterverse Titan. Depicted as a sort of dragon, the unnamed monster is shaping up to be a major villain that humans – and perhaps Godzilla – will have to defeat over the course of the story.

The flashback story in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters brought its trio of 1950s characters to the Philippines where they came face to face with their first Titan. After coming across a submarine called the USS Lawton ashore, the three men discovered that a Titan was living on board. The end of the episode gave a full overview of the terrifying creature but avoided explaining what this monster is. However, it should be noted that the introduction of the Titan does not happen without a proper setup. In fact, its existence was first mentioned eight years ago.

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Monarch: Legacy of Monsters’ Dragon Titan Answers the Mystery of the USS Lawton

John Goodman as Bill Randa watching in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

Interestingly, the sinking of the USS Lawton was not an invention of the series. This event is part of Monsterverse canon, as it was mentioned in Kong: Skull Island. Bill Randa of John Goodman mentioned that he was the last survivor of the crew of the USS Lawton, which was brought down by a monster in the ocean in 1943. The identity of the creature was not revealed in the film, but given that Kong: Skull Island was part of the new live-action Godzilla universe, it was commonly theorized that this was the film’s way of creating a connection between itself and Godzilla. But after Monarch: Legacy of Monsters episode 2, it’s obvious that Godzilla was innocent.

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For years, it was assumed that Godzilla was responsible for the destruction of Randa’s submarine during World War II. Of course it was before Godzilla: King of the Monsters revealed that the Monsterverse is full of Titans hidden all over the planet. As Legendary expanded its world, it became increasingly clear that Godzilla was far from the only Sea Titan in the Monsterverse capable of sinking submarines. Probably, it was this new Titan dragon – and not Godzilla – who was responsible for this tragic event at Randa’s Kong: Skull Island pass. That would explain why he lives on it.

Godzilla sinking the USS Lawton was always improbable

Monarch Legacy of the Monsters, new Titan

From the beginning, a secret Titan in the Monsterverse being the true subject of Randa’s remarks always made more sense than the idea of ​​Godzilla bringing it down. Besides the fact that the Monsterverse is full of Sea Titans, there is the problem of the Monsterverse timeline. As established in 2014 GodzillaGodzilla was awakened from hibernation by a nuclear submarine in 1954. Since the Titans sleep for millennia, it stands to reason that Godzilla was asleep during World War II. With that in mind, a different Titan being what Skull Island teased was a much more plausible scenario. It took eight years, but via Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, the MonsterVerse finally found an opportunity to pay off.

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