Microsoft leverages Be My AI to improve customer service

What do you want to know

  • Microsoft is working closely with Be My Eyes to make its Disability Answer Desk customer service more accessible to visually impaired users.
  • Thanks to Be My AI, visually impaired users will be able to install new versions of Windows without asking anyone for help.
  • According to Be My Eyes’ analysis, only 10% of Microsoft users using the service contacted humans for further support.

In May, Microsoft commemorated the 12th annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day with a brand new pilot program designed to help people with visual impairments. The company announced that it would be expanding its partnership with Be My Eyes and further outlined its plans to inject AI capabilities into the experience with the aim of helping users establish a bit of independence from to sighted assistants.

What is Be My Eyes?

For those unfamiliar with Be My Eyes, it is a mobile app that connects visually impaired users to sighted assistants for visual interpretations. And now, Microsoft is further strengthening its partnership with Be My Eyes, aiming to provide its users with a convenient and simple way to contact its customer service, according to a Bloomberg spot.

How does Microsoft leverage the app’s capabilities?

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