Marvels Star Iman Vellani Says Box Office Is Disney CEO Bob Iger’s Problem

Iman Vellani even called out Disney CEO Bob Iger by name, saying, “I don’t want to focus on something that’s not even in my control, because what’s the point? (…) It’s for Bob Iger.”

Before the creation of the Internet, a film’s box office was generally not widely publicized unless it broke a notable record. Outside of the Los Angeles trade papers, no one knew about BO’s weekly reports. At some point, however, these numbers became widely available to the public, inspiring the creation of a class of busy, receipt-obsessed executives, even though they were not executives themselves and clearly had no no financial interest in the outcome. Vellani, rather wisely, noted that ignoring box office reports, even as the star of the film, was the smarter course of action. The most important thing was, logically, the film itself. She continued:

“(The box office) has nothing to do with me. I’m happy with the finished product and the people I care about enjoyed the movie. It’s a really good time watching this movie, and it’s all we can ask for with “These Movies. It has superheroes, it takes place in space, it’s not that deep and it’s about teamwork and brotherhood. It’s a fun movie, and I’m so happy to be able to share it with people. “

Vellani’s performance, to offer another editorial, is one of the reasons “The Marvels” is as fun as it is. Her character, unlike a lot of superhero characters, seems excited to be there, excited to fly alongside heavy hitters like Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) and Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris). The student/mentor sisterhood between the three leaders is palpable.

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