Marvel and DC’s long-lost crossover comics are finally being re-released

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Picture: DC/Marvel Comics

Once upon a time, heroes from the DC and Marvel universes teaming up wasn’t that uncommon. From Spider-Man and Superman to Batman and Devil, passing through the wild world of 90s comics in the Amalgam universe, where the heroes of DC and Marvel literally mixed together, the two “rivals” of the industry of comics have a long history of collaboration. . The one who, until now, has been very difficult to find officially.

This morning, DC and Marvel made a joint announcement to confirm that, for the first time in decades, all of the publisher’s joint crossover comics will be collected and released in two new omnibus hardcovers, giving readers official access to stories published for a long time. printing for various reasons. Both released this summer, DC vs. Marvel And DC/Marvel: The Age of Amalgamation will bring together dozens of comics from decades of collaboration. This seemingly unprecedented collaboration comes a few years after DC and Marvel finally overcame legal disputes and helped re-release a limited series of the JLA/Avengers cross book in 2002, in homage to legendary comic book creator George Pérez, Who died just a few months after its reissue.

DC vs. Marvel will include stories of heroes and villains from both universes teaming up and battling each other, dating back to 1976. Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man in the 2000s Batman/Daredevil. In the meantime, The era of amalgamation will collect the 24 one-shots created in the mid-90s for the Amalgam universe, an entirely new realm – with a fake legendary comic book publisher, Amalgam Comics – that took the heroes of Marvel and DC and brought them together in a all-new creations, like Superman and Captain America as Super-Soldier, Doctor Strange and Doctor Fate as Doctor Strangefate, and many more.

For many people, this will mark the first time these stories have been made easily and legally accessible since they were first published – and an important return to a shared history between the two icons of superhero comics. DC vs. Marvel And DC/Marvel: The Age of Amalgamation will both be released on August 6, 2024.

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