Legacy Of Monsters’ Randa Family Tree Explained


  • Monarch: Legacy of Monsters is a show that explores the Randa family’s history and experiences with the Titans, including Godzilla and Kong.
  • The first season of the series spans the 1950s and 2010s, delving into the beginnings of Monarch and the aftermath of Godzilla’s attack on San Francisco.
  • The Randa family’s secrets and hidden past are uncovered, leading to a search for answers and the discovery of previously unknown family members.



Monarch: Legacy of Monsters is a show that spans decades and follows the story of three generations of the Randa family as they each have their own experiences with the Titans that roam the Earth, including Godzilla and Kong. The Apple TV+ series fills in the cracks and expands the universe of the Legendary Monsterverse franchise. The Randa family members were there almost at the beginning of the titular organization, which is dedicated to the study, preservation, and sometimes hiding of monsters, so it makes sense that the series would be centered around them.

During the 10 episodes of the first season, the Monarch: Legacy of Monsters the timeline takes place primarily in the 1950s and 2015. The 1950s represent the beginnings of Monarch as the organization seeks to study the monsters that live on Earth, and it is at this time that the story of the Randa family begins with the discovery of massive non-terrestrial organisms. identified (MUTO). In 2015, the Randa family and the rest of the world deal with the aftermath of Godzilla’s attack on San Francisco as everyone tries to pull together and prevent any further attacks.

William “Bill” Randa

Performed by Anders Holm and John Goodman

First seen in Kong: Skull Island, William “Bill” Randa is a cryptozoologist who later begins working for Monarch in search of the truth about Titans and other monsters that have existed on Earth for thousands of years. John Goodman originated the character in Kong: Skull Island and reprises his role in the television series Monarch: Legend of the Monsters. Before his death on Skull Island, Bill throws into the sea a bag containing Monarch secrets intended to his son, Hiroshito find and preserve.

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In the Monarch: Legacy of Monsters A 1950s timeline, Bill is played by Anders Holm. Before meeting Lee Shaw and Keiko Miura in the Philippine jungle, he studies mysterious patterns of an ancient dragon-like creature rumored to live in the area. Bill and Miura get married and I have Hiroshi. Bill was also aboard the USS Lawton, a Navy ship that sank under mysterious circumstances off the coast of Pearl Harbor in 1944, but was later discovered in the Philippines by Bill and Keiko Miura.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters is available on Apple TV+

Dr Keiko Miura

Performed by Mari Yamamoto

Mari Yamamoto as Keiko looking up in Monarch Legacy of Monsters

Dr. Keiko Miura is a Japanese scientist who studied at the University of California, Berkeley, and tracks radioactive signals around the world in search of what or who is causing the disturbances. Keiko falls in love with Bill Randaand the two get married and have a son, Hiroshi. While she, Bill, and Lee Shaw explore radioactive signals in Kazakhstan that they believe are passing through Earth, Keikio is attacked and killed by a swarm of newly hatched insect-like monsters.

Hiroshi Randa

Performed by Takehiro Hira

Takehiro Hira as Hiroshi Randa in Monarch Legend Of Monsters

Hiroshi Randa is the son of Bill Randa and Dr. Keiko Miura. He works for Monarch and leads a double life with a wife and daughter in San Francisco and a wife and son in Tokyo. His work with Monarch was shrouded in secrecy and he always traveled to remote parts of the world, never spending much time with either of his two families. Several days after Godzilla attacked San Francisco in 2014, Hiroshi was invited by Monarch to visit Alaska. Police in Fairbanks, Alaska, believe his plane crashed during a storm, but the wreckage was never found.

Hiroshi finally found the Monarch bag of secrets his father had left him and he locked it in his office in Tokyo. When his son, Kentaro, and his daughter, Cate, find out, they trick Monarch into launching a manhunt for them that ultimately leads them to Lee Shaw. Hiroshi is presumed dead in the plane crash, but many within Monarch believe that he may still be alive and hidden by Monarch.

Cate Randa

Performed by Anna Sawai

Anna Sawai as Cate watching Godzilla in the rain in a flashback in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

Cate Randa is the daughter of Hiroshi and Caroline Randa and lives in San Francisco. She was a teacher and was on a bus with children on the Golden Gate Bridge when Godzilla attacked in 2014. Cate narrowly escaped, but many of her students were killed in the attack and she suffers from post-traumatic stress every time. she remembers the attack that she experienced personally.

After her father, Hiroshi, is presumed dead, Cate discovers secret documents and keys that indicate the work he had underway in Tokyo. She goes there and discovers not only her monarch’s secrets, but also the entire other family that Hiroshi was hiding from Cate and her mother, including the brother she didn’t know she had, Kentaro. Angered by her father’s deception, she is determined to find answers about her past and her work with the organization present in the wake of Godzilla’s attack.

Kentaro Randa

Performed by Ren Watabe

Ren Watabe as Kentaro in Monarch Legend of Monsters

Kentaro Randa is the son of Hiroshi and Emiko Randa and lives in Tokyo, Japan. Kantaro’s life as a young artist is turned upside down when his secret sister, Cate Randa, shows up at the apartment he shares with his mother and asks about their recently deceased father. Kentaro is furious that his father led a double life and reluctantly agrees to help Cate find out exactly what Hiroshi was doing with Monarch.

Their investigation sends Monarch’s goons to his Tokyo apartment, but Kentaro narrowly manages to escape after his mother gives him a photo of his “uncle” Lee Shaw. Paired with the information Kentaro discovers in his father’s office in Tokyo, he and Cate set out in search of Shaw and answers about their father’s life.

Randa’s articles

Played by Qyoko Kudo

Qyoko Kudo as Emiko Randa in Monarch Legend Of Monsters

Emiko Randa is Hiroshi Randa’s wife and lives in Tokyo with her son, Kentaro. Like Cate and Emiko, she seems unaware that Hiroshi had a secret life in the United States, but she is able to make peace with this and help Kentaro with his resentment and anger towards his father. She helps Kentaro escape when Monarch representatives come to their apartment looking for the documents and data files Kentaro discovered in her father’s office.

Caroline Randa

Performed by Tamlyn Tomita

Caroline and Hiroshi Randa in a camera phone photo in Monarch Legacy Of Monsters

Caroline Randa is Cate Randa’s mother and was married to her father, Hiroshi Randa, back in the United States. She and her daughter were displaced during Godzilla’s attack on San Francisco in 2014 and spent the next few days desperately searching for Hiroshi. Caroline was very hesitant about Cate making the trip to Tokyo to discover some of the secrets Hiroshi had in his work.

Leeland “Lee” Shaw III

Performed by Wyatt Russell and Kurt Russell

Kurt Russell and Wyatt Russell in Monarch Legacy of Monsters

Army Lieutenant Lee Shaw is first introduced to Bill Randa and Dr. Keiko Miura when he is asked to serve as security envoy to Keiko while she explores radioactive anomalies throughout Asia and the Pacific region. Shaw is played in the 1950s by Wyatt Russell and in the 2015 timeline by the actor’s father, Kurt Russell. Kurt and Wyatt Russell worked together to create the character of Lee Shaw, who features prominently in both timelines of the series.

In the 1950s, Shaw is reluctant to believe what Bill and Keiko are after, but after saving them from a monster attack aboard the USS Lawton, he is convinced to stay with them on their mission, and the trio works together until Keiko’s death. 1959. In 2015, Shaw lives in an assisted living facility outside Tokyo where he is closely monitored by Monarch, even in his old age. When Kentaro and Cate locate their “uncle” Shaw at the end of episode 2 of Monarch: Legacy of Monstershe informs them that what they know about their father’s death is probably a lie, but seeking the truth will have consequences.

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