Leaked iPhone 16 Pro battery photo shows Apple is preparing consumers for a major disappointment

A photograph posted on the self-proclaimed Apple collector’s “X” site @KosutamiSan purportedly shows the battery of an “early” iPhone 16 Pro prototype. The battery features a “shiny” metal shell and has a capacity of 3,355 mAh. This is a small 2.5% increase over the 3,274mAh capacity battery found inside the iPhone 15 Pro. @KosutamiSan notes that the “current stage” version of the battery now has a frosted metal shell and a redesigned connector.
In case of overheating, the too hot to touch iPhone 15 Pro or the iPhone 15 Pro Max would see an extremely rapid drop in battery life. Tech influencer Marques Brownlee shared his experience in September using the iPhone 15 Pro to listen to music and browse Instagram. Brownlee said: “For about 5 minutes the phone gets very hot and consumes about 5% battery.”
A slight 2.5% increase in battery life for the iPhone16 Pro would actually be a bigger increase than the 2.3% increase in battery life that the iPhone 15 Pro model received this year. This would be more than the 2.3% increase in iPhone 15 Pro Max battery capacity compared to its predecessor. The battery capacity of the iPhone 15 increased by two times (4.6%) and the iPhone 15 Plus saw its battery capacity increase by 1.4% compared to the iPhone 14 Plus.
We always hear rumors about the battery capacity expected to be used by the next iteration of the iPhone. Back in July, one particular rumor called for an 18% increase in battery life for the iPhone 15, 14% for the iPhone 15 Plus And iPhone 15 Pro models, and 12% for iPhone 15 Pro Max. In reality, the battery capacity increases were far from the announced amounts.

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