Knights of the Old Republic remake ‘not in the works,’ report claims

In 2021, it was announced that Knights of the Old Republic would receive an official remake, with plans to release it on PC and PS5. However, things have not gone well since KOTORand if you clicked on that title, you already know where this is going.

A few days ago, Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb stated that “this game is not in development at this time.” And by “this game” he definitely means the remake of Knights of the Old Republic. He goes on to say that no studio is currently developing it. The discussion begins around the 31st minute.

Grubb also adds that fans may have already put the pieces together, and it certainly seems like Embracer Group is sitting on this long-awaited game. However, nothing official has been announced regarding the remake yet, so take this information at face value for now.

Embrace disappointment

KOTOR is entrusted to Saber Interactive, which belongs to the Embracer group. Last week, Embracer’s CEO was unwilling to comment on the status of Knights of the Old Republic. And last year there was another report about the remake being put on hold, so at this point it’s safe to assume the project is probably in development hell.

It’s really a bit of a shame. The original version from 2003 – made by BioWare from Mass Effect renowned – is considered one of the best Star Wars video adaptations of all time. Seeing it make a comeback in an era where remakes and remasters are still in vogue is like Embracer with its figurative finger so far from the pulse that it levitates.

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