Israel releases new video of Hamas gunman executing Israeli woman on October 7

Israel shared a video showing a young Israeli woman executed by a Hamas gunman on October 7.

In the video shared on wearing.

Warning: Scenes of violence; intended for an informed public

“A young Israeli woman begs for her life. A moment later, she is shot at point blank range. New footage from October 7 shows Hamas terrorists executing Israelis who tried to escape from the Nova music festival. It’s a war between good and evil,” the user wrote on X along with the video.

At the end of the video, in the background, one of the pursued women crouches on the ground, with an armed man standing next to her. Moments later, the shooter raises his rifle and shoots the woman point-blank, who falls.

The video has no sound, but a cloud of dust rises from the ground when he pulls the trigger.

The woman has not been identified by name. Reuters verified the location of the images, near Kibbutz Alumim, using the route of the road, trees and a nearby building that matched satellite images of the area.

Israel is seeking to fend off international criticism for its response to Hamas’s rampage, which sparked a devastating war in Gaza. Despite growing calls for a ceasefire, Israel has said it will continue its campaign until Hamas is eradicated.

Pressure is mounting on Israel to agree to a ceasefire in Gaza, where the Hamas-led government says at least 13,300 people have been killed, including at least 5,600 children.

Israeli officials say they intend to remain focused on Hamas’s killing of some 1,200 people, mostly civilians, and the capture of 240 others in the deadliest day in 75 years history of Israel.

Meanwhile, the Hamas leader said the Palestinian militant group was close to reaching a truce deal with Israel.

Ismail Haniyeh said in a statement that Hamas officials are “close to reaching a truce agreement” with Israel and that the group has delivered its response to Qatari mediators, according to a statement. Reuters report.

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