iPhone users should expect to receive iOS 17.1.2 next week

Get ready, iPhone users, because iOS 17.1.2 is coming. MacRumors claims to have seen evidence of the update in its website’s analytics logs. Some of the more high-profile bugs that have yet to be exterminated include one that prevented iPhone users running iOS 17.1 and later from charging wirelessly using their General Motors vehicle’s onboard charger. Apple had already broadcast iOS 17.1.1 to eliminate a bug that broke NFC on iPhone 15 series handsets charged using BMW’s on-board charging system.
Without NFC, damaged iPhones would not be able to use Apple Pay and some received an error message stating that Apple Pay could not be set up on their devices even though the feature had already been used on those phones. Apple-certified technicians were asked to use Apple Service Toolkit 2 software to reactivate the NFC chip on damaged units, while some were told their iPhones needed to be opened to repair or replace part of the hardware. While BMW warned iPhone15 To prevent series users from using the on-board charger on new vehicles, Apple released iOS 17.1.1 to resolve the issue earlier this month.
THE iOS 17Update .1.2 will likely be released next week, as Apple traditionally avoids releasing new software versions during Thanksgiving week in the United States. That’s because many Apple employees get a week off. Last year, a similar situation happened with iOS 16.1.2 and the latter was finally released on November 30.
As for iOS 17.2, Apple has released beta versions of the update, with the final version expected in the middle of next month. The update will add spatial video recording support for iPhone 15 Pro models; These videos will be visible with the Apple Vision Pro headset once it is launched. The new iPhone Journal feature will be available once iOS 17.2 comes installed with new Clock and Weather widgets, as well as an option that will allow iPhone 15 Pro Series users need to open the Translate app when the action button is long-pressed on the phone.

But before iOS 17.2 arrives, iOS 17.1.2 will eventually be released to fix the GM wireless charging bug and any other annoying issues iPhone users are currently facing.

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