India holds military exercises with Russian Navy, US Army

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In a joint effort to strengthen security ties, Russia and India are currently participating in naval exercises in the Bay of Bengal.

Despite US concerns over India’s collaboration with Russia amid Moscow’s offensive in Ukraine, the two countries aim to comprehensively develop and strengthen their naval cooperation.

The Russian Defense Ministry stressed that the exercises aim to enable the Russian and Indian navies to jointly counter global threats and ensure the safety of civilian ships in the Asia-Pacific region.

The exercises, scheduled to end on Wednesday, involve ships from Russia’s Pacific Fleet, including the anti-submarine destroyer Admiral Tributs. India, mindful of its economic and security interests in Russia and the West, has strategically maintained a careful balance between the conflicting parties.

Although it has refrained from sanctioning Moscow for the Ukraine offensive, India has benefited from discounted Russian oil supplies.

Simultaneously, India and the United States launched a joint military exercise named ‘VAJRA PRAHAR’ in Umroi, Meghalaya.

The three-week exercise, facilitated by the Indian Army and US Army Special Forces, aims to exchange best practices and experiences in joint mission planning and operational tactics.

Initiated in 2010, this 13th edition of the joint India-US Special Forces exercise involves planning and rehearsal of special operations, counter-terrorism operations and airborne operations in simulated conventional and unconventional scenarios in mountainous terrain.

The main highlights of ‘VAJRA PRAHAR’ include combat free-fall troop insertion, waterborne troop insertion, precision engagement of long range targets and combat air control of aircraft at fixed and rotating wing.

This exercise serves as a platform for exchange of ideas, sharing of best practices, improving interoperability and strengthening defense cooperation between the Indian and US militaries.

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