“I’m a little salty.” FFXIV Sells Infamous ‘Eat Pizza’ Emote From Disastrous Promotion For $7 Two Years After Selling Hundreds On eBay

Many players in the Final Fantasy XIV community are quite restless right now, and no, it’s not because of new gameplay content or exciting new quests. This time, all the hubbub comes from the recent addition of a pizza emote to the game’s microtransaction store. Yes one pizza emoticon.

You see, about two years ago, in December 2021, Square Enix held a promotional event with GrubHub during the Game Awards. By using the delivery service to order at least $15 worth of food during the night of the show, then using the promo code “ENDWALKER” at checkout, you can receive a code sent to your email address one day later, once used. , would unlock the exclusive /eatpizza emote in FFXIV.

Unfortunately, things took a rather disastrous turn very quickly. Tons of people never received the code despite ordering $15 or more worth of food, and many of those who did had to fight tooth and nail with GrubHub customer service staff for days. The Fine Print of GrubHub did say availability was limited, but that was never made clear, and also… it’s a digital item. Any “limited offer” is completely artificial.

Yes, /eatpizza actually sold for $200 on eBay, and even more in some cases. (Image credit: Windows Central)

“Honestly, I think the customer service reps have no idea what they’re talking about. This one says it’s a lottery. Others say there were a limited number of codes and that it “was first come, first served, but aren’t even informed. consistent with what that limit even was,” u/Shizucheese wrote in a Reddit thread about the scandal. “I know I saw someone post that a Grubhub rep told them you had to place two orders to be eligible. Others say there was a glitch in the system and the code didn’t work. was not applied to some people’s orders, and if it doesn’t apply to yours, then you are SoL.

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