How to use a multiplication table (it’s not magic, it’s memorization)

Multiplication is the art of efficiently adding groups of things.

Imagine having three baskets of apples, with each basket containing four apples. Instead of counting each apple, you would simply multiply 3 (baskets) by 4 (apples per basket) to get 12 (total apples). Not only is this method faster, but it also helps in understanding the concept of multiplication.

Now, to make this process easier, we use a multiplication table known as multiplication table. This table is not just about multiplying two numbers; it’s about recognizing patterns, using skip counting and memorization as good practice.

For example, imagine you wanted to multiply 7 by 6. Using the multiplication table, you would find 7 in a top row and 6 in a left column. Draw an imaginary line starting at 7 and another across from 6. Where they meet you will find your answer: 42.

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