How to get tar in Enshrouded

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Envelope is a gripping survival game set in the mysterious world of Embervale. Developed by Keen Games, this action-packed RPG combines elements of crafting, combat and exploration. In this game, players take on the role of the Flameborn, the last hope of the world affected by the creeping scourge, the Shroud.



To survive in a perilous world filled with tough enemies, you’ll need to craft powerful tools and weapons, for which you’ll need supplies. Among the vital resources needed is tar. This is one of the early game materials you will need to craft various items. Envelope. Keep reading to learn how to get and use tar in Envelope.


Enshrouded: How to survive longer in the Shroud

The Shroud kills anything it comes into contact with, but these helpful tips can prolong your stay inside.

How to get tar in Enshrouded

There are three ways to introduce tar Envelope. The first and recommended method is to make it yourself. To do this you will need a coal oven. You can start the crafting process by interacting with the coal furnace. This will take you to the crafting menu, where you will need to find and choose tar. If you don’t have a Charcoal Furnace, you can build it after unlocking the Blacksmith. However, the recipe requires 20 stones.

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The resources you need to make tar are:

wrapped wooden logs

This will produce 20x tar and the oven will take six minutes to prepare a batch. For larger quantities, it would be a good idea to load the oven with plenty of logs and earth.

The second way to get tar is to cooking food, or rather by overcooking it. You can overcook food in a fireplace or campfire. It doesn’t matter what food is used, it can be meat, corn or any other vegetable. It would be a good idea to use products like mushrooms, as they are more accessible and more abundant. Choose something that can be easily obtained and will not be wasted on making charcoal. All you need to do is keep the food in the fire once it is fully cooked, and it will soon turn to tar. This is not the most efficient method and is therefore generally not recommended as not only is it slow, but also ineffective if you need tar in larger quantities.

You can also finding tar in extinguished campfires. Once the campfire is out, you can collect a piece of tar from it. Again, this isn’t exactly a reliable method as you’ll have to search for campfires and this will only produce a single piece of tar.

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January 24, 2024

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