How to enter Riot Club

An unfortunate bug has prevented many people from accessing a location called The Riot Club in Cyberpunk 2077, preventing you from continuing certain missions.

Important missions will direct you to a place called The Riot Club at Cyberpunk 2077, but a major bug prevented many players from accessing this building. At the time of writing, the Club remains closed even if you have an objective that can only be pursued within the zone. A few alternate entries should help you overcome this obstacle when trying to complete quests in Night City.



You may hear about Riot Club as you try to complete the “Violence” Or “I don’t want to hear it.” missions, both of which take place within the establishment. The Club is located in the Watson districton Street with view of palm trees, near the bridge leading to Kabuki subdistrict. This puts it right next to Night City’s largest black market, where you can find illegal weapons and the best Ripperdocs in Cyberpunk 2077.

The Riot Club will actually appear as “Lizzie’s Bar” on your map while you search for it. If you can’t locate the location, head to the southern part of the Little China Subdistrict.

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How to enter the Riot Club in Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 can't enter Riot Club due to door issue

The main entrance door to Riot Club is usually closed, so the only way to enter is to open the garage side door to the building by bribe a bartender. Although some may find the main doors open when a mission around the Club activates, the previously mentioned bug could keep this area closed. The side door is usually open early in the morning Cyberpunk 2077but it’s a little harder to get through at night.

If you approach at night, the bouncer will not let you enter the club through the side entrance and you will not have the opportunity to bribe him at that time. What you want to do is approach the bartender in the morning and then bribe them to smoke during this shift. When you return to Riot Club later in Cyberpunk 2077you will find the garage open as V passes, leading you directly into the building without any problem.

The bartender is still outside the Riot Club at exactly 10 be sure to plan your visit to bribe them while they take a break.

Once you find a way to enter Riot Club in Cyberpunk 2077you should be able to complete all available missions without encountering any other major bugs.

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