How did Vicky Kaushal’s film end?

The magic of Bollywood often lies in its ability to entertain while subtly addressing societal issues. And Vijay Krishna Acharya movie, The big Indian family, does exactly that. It comprises Vicki Kaushal as Ved Vyas Tripathi, aka Bhajan Kumar, and Manushi Cooler like his love, Jasmeet. The stellar cast also includes Manoj Pahwa, Alka Amin and many others.

The film not only captivates the audience with its storyline but also touches on the sensitive topic of religious disparity in India.

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The Big Indian Family: What happened in the film?

At the heart of the film is the Tripathi family, whose livelihood consists of overseeing and participating in religious ceremonies. The film takes viewers through their lives, introducing Pandit Siya Ram Tripathi in charge of religious ceremonies. While his son, Ved Vyas Tripathi, is responsible for the bhajan (musical) part of these events.

The Tripathi family is set to oversee the grand wedding of Mr. Malpani’s daughter Aishwarya, which is a prestigious and monetary gain. However, the harmony in their lives is disrupted when a competitor, Pandit Jagannath Mishra, tries to create a clash. He tries to manipulate him by confronting Siya Ram’s marriage dates and religious journey. This places the Great Indian Family in a series of conflicts that expose the family’s deep-rooted secrets.

Fairly early in the film, a bombshell drops when a letter arrives. Alleging that Ved Vyas, who lived as an upper caste Hindu, is in fact Muslim. The family is suddenly thrown into chaos and the audience is taken on a journey of self-discovery with Ved. The film ingeniously uses Ved’s initial prejudices and ignorance to highlight the larger issue of religious conflict in India.

As the plot thickens, Ved’s romantic life and leaked information that he is Muslim intensify the conflict. This jeopardizes his reputation and the position of the Tripathi family in the community.

What happens to Ved Vyas Tripathi in the end?

The Tripathi family abandons Ved and he seeks refuge with Abdul, whom he had previously intimidated. Abdul’s family accepts him wholeheartedly and Ved understands his identity deeply. He begins to practice the traditions involved in religion. The photos further discredited the Tripathi family, leading Malpani to withdraw the prenup.

The Big Indian Family takes an unexpected turn when Siya Ram, the patriarch of the family, returns from his religious trip and drops a revelation: Ved is indeed Muslim. This revelation had its origins in the riots of December 1992. During this time, a Parsi doctor asked Siya Ram to adopt the newborn of a Muslim woman to protect him. Otherwise, he could have been subjected to communal violence.

Everyone decides to cheat the DNA test to show that Ved is Hindu. However, Siya Ram is clearly not happy with this decision. Watching this, Ved takes the matter into his own hands when the time comes to prove it.

He delivers a powerful speech challenging societal norms and advocating for a diverse and inclusive society. It confronts discrimination, spreads communal harmony and calls for acceptance of different religions and cultures. The big Indian family ends when everyone accepts Ved as he is and begins to live in communal harmony.

The big Indian family is currently streaming Amazon Prime Video.

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