How did Eren Kruger know Mikasa and Armin?

Attack on Titan is full of gripping mysteries, including the origins of the Titans, the persecution of the Eldians, and revelations about Eren Yeager’s lineage. The conversation between Grisha Yeager and Eren Kruger at the beach remains a focal point among fans.

Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert intertwine with Eren Yeager’s journey in Attack on Titan. They play a central role in shaping Eren’s motivations and actions throughout the series.

During a conversation between Grisha Yeager and Eren Kruger, fans were left perplexed as to how Kruger knew Mikasa and Armin even though they were not born at the time of the discussion.

How could Eren Kruger know about Mikasa and Armin?

Eren Kruger’s awareness of Mikasa and Armin’s names, despite their nonexistence during the conversation, develops due to the unique nature of the Attack Titan and his connection to the Erens in the series.

In the events of chapter 89 of the manga (the end of the third season of the anime), Grisha talks with Eren Kruger, before the main trio was born. Surprisingly, Eren Kruger mentions Mikasa and Armin while advising Grisha.

The central explanation lies in Eren Kruger’s possession of the Attack Titan. This possession also gives him access to the memories of past and future users. Eren Yeager, the future wielder of Attack Titan, is part of this lineage, allowing Kruger to access information transcending time.

Additionally, Eren Yeager’s influence in the past may have manipulated Kruger’s memories, inspiring his future self toward determined actions. Mikasa and Armin’s importance in the series corresponds to Eren Kruger’s enigmatic revelation. Their roles as anchors of Eren Yeager’s humanity throughout the narrative underscore their importance.

Despite Eren Yeager’s eventual descent into madness and his ill-advised decisions, his bond with Mikasa and Armin remained paramount. It was his gradual detachment from them that was accompanied by his growing animosity towards the world.

Eren Kruger’s prescience regarding Mikasa and Armin’s names stems from Attack Titan influences, adding depth to their interconnected fates within Attack on Titan.

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